I’ve been wanting to blog about last week’s Schubas gig. But, frankly, it left me a bit speechless (not easy to do). This will sound ridiculous, but the gig has put me in a quandary. It wasn’t just good… it was too good.

Hear me out. I’m not saying that it was perfect, and I’m certainly not saying that I was perfect. I’m sure the other performers, too, could name things they’d have done differently.

But it was everything I would want from a gig. From the booking of the gig to the actual performance, everything just went like clockwork, and on January 30th, more than 150 of our friends packed into the best venue in Chicago to enjoy one of the most musical, entertaining, and balanced bills I’ve ever been a part of. It was magical.

So now what? Simply repeat? And is it possible to? Comments are welcome!

One thing we in the band all agreed on: we need a bass player.

5 thoughts on “Bass-less

  1. It’s generally accepted among musicians that the bass player is the only *essential* member of any band. The others are just so much sonic frosting.

  2. This is easy – you add a bass player and try to keep standards high. you’re not allowed to worry about being too perfect when you haven’t even played as a full band yet (i don’t care what you say: bands have bass players, anything less is no more than a combo)

  3. dude, why wasn’t I at this gig?!?! …oh right… well, regardless, I wouldn’t be too worried about repeating, or trying to repeat, that gig. I mean, isn’t that just consistency? Like, with high standards?

    I see the quandary, though… and how to get your “friends” (yeah right) to come out again? Even if you did, you’re going to be worried the whole time that you’ll catch bronchitis or something and then it’s all ruined.

    I don’t know. Like I said, if you go out and repeat a high quality performance again and again, isn’t that consistency? Shit if I know, but it sounds like it is. :)

    Keep rockin’, douchebag, or I’ll take back what I said about inviting you to Maine!

    poop (AKA – jordan)

  4. I think you could always eat more carrots. Remember when you used to eat so many carrots that we all thought you were turning orange and we were like “Gordon’s totally becoming a carrot” and then you moved to London and then Chicago and then had that awesome gig that you’re afraid you can’t repeat?

    Remember that?

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