Give Me Gibney

[Photo of Alex Gibney receiving an Oscar, stolen from]I had no intention of caring about the Oscars this year. But, well, I like Jon Stewart. What can I say?

Many have already written off last night’s event for being lame, but I actually liked all the montages. I guffawed at the homage to binoculars and periscopes. Call me corny.

Best moment for me, though, was Alex Gibney’s darkhorse win of the Best Documentary with Taxi to the Dark Side.

Full Disclosure Alex is currently making a movie of my dad’s one-man play, and his win not only benefits my pops, but also shows nuance to Hollywood’s typically fairweather politicking. I particularly appreciated his terse and political speech, made all the more affecting and bizarre when flanked by two towering women. Felt very mob-boss.

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