Lessons Learned

Just re-read a poignant blog by my buddy, Evan.

I did watch with disbelief and profound disappointment in ’03 as the cocky, devil-may-care Marlins made the Cubs look like fools. But I can’t imagine having closely followed that extremely talented ’03 team and then watching such a historic implosion (especially not from the bleachers…). As a new, but quite diehard Cubs fan, I tip my hat to those of you who struggled so mightily in years past. And frankly, I understand why your faith was so bitterly shaken.

But okay already, I got my dose when last year’s Cubs saw the same assuredness in the 12-year-olds playing for the D-backs and just decided to pre-empt the upset by laying down for a sweep. Lesson learned.

So now we can just win, okay guys?

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