Sunny Times

Gordon busking in the Chicago subway

On Sunday the Chicago Sun-Times did a piece about buskers on the red line. Apparently I was not only listed amongst the regular performers, but my photo was featured prominently several times in the issue. I still haven’t seen it in print, but worry not: Super-MIL has my back. She sent the gallant FIL to the newsstand to pick up more copies of the rag than posterity could ever demand.

I chatted with the photographer, John Kim — a very cool guy — and he sent me some of his best shots. Sadly, proprietary mumbo-jumbo prohibits me from posting any of those shots on my website. But I’ve taken the liberty of linking to the shot included in the online version. Glad they picked the one peeking through the trash… How metaphorical.

I have to say, I’m flattered to be included with the likes of Ron, Joe & Norm. Those guys are awesome. It’s worth riding the red line someday just to see them do Sam Cooke.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Times

  1. “Oh, and he’s the son of Pulitzer Prize-winning author and New Yorker staff writer Lawrence Wright.”

    odd… why include that?
    No one ever cared that Salman was my dad… must be the fatwa…
    or because my songs stink tush.

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