So Long, Shikami

I keep telling myself that this is not a food blog, but I just can’t help myself.

Last night we dined at Kevin. The restaurant holds special meaning for me & K as the site of a memorable meal with our parents, celebrating our engagement back in ’04. Alas, the restaurant is closing its doors next week, so we went to pay our respects. As anticipated, it was pretty empty, but the food was damn good. We even got to meet the chef/owner and thank him for the ridiculous broth on the lobster dumplings at his newer restaurant, Shikago (which I gushed about previously).

Kevin Shikami is a diminutive and quiet man, with small circle-rim glasses. He doesn’t make the rounds in the dining room the way some more boisterous chefs do, so I asked if he could come by our table (I never do this, BTW).

His hand, when you shook it, was big and heavy. And rough as dried and cracked leather.

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