“The only reason you survive your first year of teaching is you have no idea how hard it’s going to be until you’re already in the middle of it,” Lessem says. “Because if anybody really told you, you probably wouldn’t sign up for it.”
The Education of Jose Garcia, WBEZ

I frequently hear this, and have no doubt that it’s true. I just wish we’d take it less as a badge of honor and more as a sign of how deficiently we prepare teachers for the classroom.

(Great reporting by Becky Vevea, by the way.)

This Is How We Train Teachers

Random Musings

The trigger-happy practices of the police, not all police, but too many police, on the streets of black America should alert everyone to how profoundly adrift American democracy has become — attacking the poor as freeloaders and criminals, a distorted and grotesque ideological exaggeration of freedom over equality.

People who try to walk a mile in the shoes of the other, to live among and dedicate their lives to working with the oppressed, are also sensitive to the fact of their own privilege. They know they can never truly identify with them. They understand this paradox but it doesn’t paralyze them.

Caputo in conversation with George Yancy on race

Thoughts from philosopher John D. Caputo

Random Musings

“We spend a lot of time at work. It should be fun.”

Evan Jacover’s thoughts on work culture from Built in Chicago

Evan Jacover’s Advice on Work Culture


Hey, look, my WordCamp talk is now available online.

PHOTO: Wedding ceremony in small Tuscan chapel.

Wedding ceremony in the chapel of a Tuscan villa.
Photo by Matthew & Katie Moore.


In Which I Serenade at Miss Havisham’s Wedding

Last year my cousin put on the most stunning, lavish, elaborate, and carefully executed wedding in modern history. I had the honor of singing a few tunes during the ceremony. But I had no idea until I arrived how carefully orchestrated my role was in the whole production (and production is definitely the only word for it).

Pure magic. My cousin, Elizabeth, describes it eloquently beneath this jaw-dropping photo gallery.


Research on Spanking: It’s Bad For ALL Kids

Usually academic articles couch their recommendations in dense language, but this is about a researcher who just lays it out in “Spanking and Child Development: We Know Enough Now to Stop Hitting Our Children.”

Straight up.


“Three- to six-year-old children were much more likely to believe that ‘positive’ characters from TV and film existed in real life than their ‘negative’ counterparts.”
Emotion changes children’s understanding of reality and fantasy

Smart kids.

What Kids Believe