Superstar Okay

This is a tune I wrote towards the end of Fooled By April, with a title based on a lyrical hook from my good pal and uber-lyricist, Dave Stanke.

This recording is from the band’s eponymous record, put out in 2005, and was expertly recorded and produced by Tim Bright in Brooklyn.


Superstar Okay
by J. Gordon Wright, David Stanke & Joseph G. Welsh

Heard of this place
And I think I just might like to go
Heard of this place
Between the stations on my car radio

Heard of this place
Where the summer’s always in your eyes
Heard that this place
Is for all the girls and all of the guys
Around the way…

|  Hey, I’m feeling pretty superstar today
|  Feeling like we’re superstar okay
|  Feeling like we’re shining out of our minds
|  Hey, you can take the lights & cameras away
|  Leave us in the dark we’ll shine anyway
|  We’re gonna be superstars
|  Everyone is superstar okay

Run, tell your friends
Cause it all comes down tonight
You know we can’t give in
Not without giving a fight

We’re stripping all the white off the walls
We’re ripping paint in the halls
We’re leaving nothing alone
We’ll break communication
Take over the station
I hear you when you sing along
Let me hear you now…

If we leave tonight, are you ready to ride?
Watch the city pale, the streetlights on our tail
Can you see it now? Can you see it now?

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