There are a lot of…school districts plagued by structural hurdles out of their control and doing a miserable job responding to the adversity.
San Antonio-area teacher Matthew Lynde Chesnut, writing for the Rivard Report

Matthew teaches in what he describes, baldly, as an “apartheid district”—“deprived by design.” One can’t help but be inspired by his response to this inequity, though. He goes back to work, to help these kids in the best way he knows how.

The rest of us need to get to work fixing the broken structures that are failing teachers like Matthew and the kids he teaches.

This teacher tells it like it is.


“The only reason you survive your first year of teaching is you have no idea how hard it’s going to be until you’re already in the middle of it,” Lessem says. “Because if anybody really told you, you probably wouldn’t sign up for it.”
The Education of Jose Garcia, WBEZ

I frequently hear this, and have no doubt that it’s true. I just wish we’d take it less as a badge of honor and more as a sign of how deficiently we prepare teachers for the classroom.

(Great reporting by Becky Vevea, by the way.)

This Is How We Train Teachers