Gather in Lincoln Square

Beautiful night, in-laws babysitting. Had dinner at Gather after strolling through the Thursday night concert-goers and the teeming al fresco tables on Lincoln Ave.

Gather has a beautiful front room backed by a welcoming open kitchen, and there’s a gorgeous covered patio in the rear (which we remembered from a few years ago when it was Tallulah). The night was so ideal, and we were so relaxed by the summer air, that we actually opted to wait 30 minutes past our reservation time to get a seat on the coveted patio. We happily wandered on Lincoln until the table freed up.

Food was inventive but not overly so. Nothing truly memorable, but everything explicitly farm-sourced and delicious. A hamachi crudo had more flavor than I expected, and a tender octopus appetizer sat on top of a huge but fairly lean (read: not chewy) slab of house-cured bacon. The pasta entree was a delicious fresh pappardelle with an utterly straightforward and seasonal sauce of spring peas and asparagus, and wild mushrooms bursting with umami.

We’re really interested in bringing the kids back for the Sunday family-style dinner.

Most notable thing to me was the price point. For that location, ambience, and food quality, I feel like it could easily charge 10-15% more without pushing anyone away. It really shows a commitment to being a neighborhood place and cultivating regulars. Which is awesome.

Gather Restaurant in Chicago →

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