Take Them Bowling

In response to my recent quandary, enter our drummer Jazzy Jeff, who enumerated the band’s next steps thusly:

  • get a bass player to round out the sound of the group, and maybe a guitarist
  • develop more material while we continue to tighten current stuff up
  • work towards putting on an “evening with Gordon Wright Band and Friends” at Old Town School
  • get re-booked at Schubas as headliner
  • play out a bunch, adding in additional originals/covers to fill out the night
  • Find a corporate sponsor to put us on the road from Chicago to Boston/Chicago to Denver…woo hoo!
  • Crash SXSW and demand a showcase!
  • Go Bowling
  • Quit music and pretend that I am a normal adjusted individual… quickly leading to a “Who am I God!!!” moment.

I think he pretty much pegged it. A-Is-For-Aric (the band’s inimitable keyboardist) particularly endorsed SXSW and bowling.

What’s the next step?

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